Single Stage Snowthrower Service


Northwood Power Equipment & Sport
7320 Stillwater Blvd N
Oakdale, MN

Service Description

  1. Check spark and compression.
  2. Inspect and/or replace spark plug.
  3. Change engine oil.
  4. Inspect belts. (Replacement may have additional labor)
  5. Inspect cables. (Replacement may have additional labor)
  6. Inspect paddles and scraper bar. (Replacement may have additional labor)
  7. Test run and adjust.
  8. Parts additional.

Bearing Service:

starting at $80 

Auger bearing, most machines.

Belt Service:

Starting at $40 Most machines. Some two stage units need additional labor. Plus parts.

Paddle/Scraper Service:

Starting at $40

Most machines, plus parts.