Lawn Tractor Service


Northwood Power Equipment & Sport
7320 Stillwater Blvd N
Oakdale, MN

Service Description

  1. Check spark and compression.
  2. Inspect and/or replace spark plug.
  3. Inspect and/or replace air filter.
  4. Change engine oil and filter (if equipped).
  5. Inspect and/or replace fuel filter.
  6. Check tire pressure.
  7. Grease all fittings.
  8. Inspect belts. (If replacement is required there may be additional labor).
  9. Inspect cables. (If replacement is required there may be additional labor).
  10. Check charging system and battery.
  11. Clean mower deck, sharpen or replace blades.
  12. Power wash unit,
  13. Parts are additional.

Battery Service:

We offer replacement batteries for virtually all makes of riding products, installation available at an hourly rate of $80.

Blade Sharpening:

On-unit or off-unit service available.

$5.00 per blade, additional $5.00 per blade if on unit.

Oil Change:

Oil change and filter (if equipped) change only. Oil and filter additional, along with $5.00 disposal fee.

Tire Replacement:

We can repair most tires either by plugging the hole or installing an inner tube. We can also order replacement tires for just about any size and tread pattern.

Labor for tube installation is $9.00 per tire with an additional $9.00 if the wheel is still on the machine.

Inner tube prices vary with size.