Push/Walk-Behind Mower Service


Northwood Power Equipment & Sport
7320 Stillwater Blvd N
Oakdale, MN

Service Description

  1. Check spark and compression.
  2. Inspect and/or replace spark plug.
  3. Inspect and/or replace air filter.
  4. Change oil.
  5. Inspect recoil. (Replacement may have additional labor).
  6. Inspect, lube and adjust cables. (Replacement may have additional labor).
  7. Inspect drive system. (Replacement may have additional labor).
  8. Clean deck.
  9. Sharpen and balance blade, or replace.
  10. Tighten loose hardware.
  11. Power wash unit.
  12. Test run and adjust.
  13. Parts additional

Blade Sharpening:

On-unit or off-unit service available.

$5.00 per blade, additional $5.00 per blade if on unit.

Oil Change:

Oil change only. Oil is additional.

Starter Service:

Electric or pull start service available.